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HL 27 - Report from Gameweek 14


One Step away from the end of HL 27

This weekend saw champions being crowned as Division 1 came to a conclusion in this HL 27.

In Division 1, we have seen Cyprus FC regain their title at the end of this HL 27 season with a last win against Skywalkers 8-4 overall and a halfway lead 3-0. Multiple players did their part in the victory amongst which Carlos Uhia with his double pack. Congratulations to Cyprus FC after an exciting head-to-head race in the last days with El Santo Sheiks and the overall classification based only on a better goal average! El Santo sheiks could only hope for a failure of Cyprus in their title race after winning the game against AS Soreta with a forfeit. El Santo Sheiks finishes therefore in second place of Division 1 in this HL 27. RHEBElions finished the season on a better note than their start by winning the game against Spartak Zizou 3-1. Everything was decided in the second half after a goalless draw at half-time. Moment chosen by Raphael Mahfoudh to put 2 goals in the back of the net to secure the victory. Treehuggers had it at heart to finish the season on a better note too, although their fate was sealed long time ago, and therefore shared the points after the game finished 3-3 with a motivated Einsteinians squad that was trailing by one goal at half-time. Alyson Thaels (Treehuggers) scored 2 goals to ensure that the team effort was rewarded. Finally, Hangovers are finishing their HL 27 campaign on the podium behind Cyprus & El Santo in 3rd position after their conclusive win against Survival of the Fattest 6-0 and therefore are relegating them to Division 2 in the process. A half-time advance 3-0 was already giving some indications how the odds were for each team. Fabien Roux (Hangovers) with a hat-trick in this last game of the season was definitely at his best!   

Division 2 will give its final verdict on the last game-day of HL 27 next week. In the meantime, keep calm and enjoy Divisions 3 and 4.

In Division 3, 4 games on the program this week before the showdown of the last game-day next week. Sofobeast United defeated Paranoika in a very tight game 2-1 after having fulfilled the first 25 minutes goalless. Elisa Vargas-Amelin delivered her team with her 2 goals to seal the deal! Brussels Sprouts too have stopped their winless series against Eurotrash FC in a one-way game where the half-time score 4-0 reflected the Sprouts dominance. Amal Boulakjar scored 2 goals in this game to help the Sprouts out. Expected Toulouse may have jeopardized their chances to even move up after being defeated by the leaders and the coming champion Schaerbeek Bombers who are not making any prisoners on their way up to Division 2. Another victory 8-4 that started to take shape at half-time with a 2-1 lead, but clearly emerged when Melissa Boisson scored 2 additional goals for her team. Sublime Porte didn’t take advantage of this situation after drawing an incredible 5-5 game against Hairy Canaries desperate to save their feathers from relegation to 4th division next season. Sublime Porte couldn’t hold on to the 2-0 lead at half-time they had worked so hard to establish despite / thanks to the hat-trick of Kaan Altintas. FC Futsal Croatia are still hoping for a promotion to the next division after their solid win 5-2 against tenacious Cercle Curie KSV; everything was still open at half-time in a 2-2 draw but Marija Lozancic had other plans with her 4 goals for the Croatian side and keeps the hopes alive. Soloni FC also won their game against the Benchwarmers 5-1 (3-1 at half-time) and can now focus on preparing the next Hebe league after a relaxing summer rest. Astrid Conem will be satisfied with her performance for Soloni, since she scored 4 of the 5 goals of her team. Next week, all remaining secrets will be revealed in this division too!   

In Division 4, The title race reaches its climax! 3 contenders still have chances but obviously everything will depend on one team: will the Eagles gain at least one point in the last game-day beating to the punch their rivals and claim the title? In the meantime, the same Eagles kept all their chances alive by winning against the EagleBrussels 3-2 overall leading at half-time 2-1 and resisting to the intense pressure that was put by their opponents to fight back. Flavia Nupnau secures the very important win for the Eagles with 2 goals while having in line of sight the game next week. PSG Club Belgique did their job winning against Binboga 7-4 overall after a great start and a 5-2 lead at half-time. Thomas Robin was unstoppable and helped PSG to get the 3 points with his hat-trick. Les Ritals FC also had a win against RMP FC 9-2 while the score at half-time was still manageable 3-1. Capi Edwinn O’Connel led the way for the Ritals scoring not fewer than 6 goals to round it up. Highlight and the high scoring game of the day happened during the confrontation between La Vie est Belge and La Famiglia and ended in a real 19-2 trashing. Basically, there was only one team on the pitch and Suzana Magano could score memorable 10 goals for her side. Finally, FC Samnites United finished their first campaign in the Hebe League with a well-deserved win 4-1 overall against FC Deliciosa while everything was still in the balance at half-time and a 1-1 draw. Moment chosen by Guiseppe Pierpaolo Quarto to stand out by scoring his 2 goals for Samnites and claim the win.      

Have a nice week!

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