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HL 27 - Report from Gameweek 11


Plot twists are always possible

Another gameday in HL 27 full of suspense and surprises!

In Division 1, Cyprus FC managed to widen the gap with their closest contenders by beating AS Soreta 9-2 and extend their lead at the top of the table. Everything happened in the first half with a spectacular 7-0 lead and Dounia Bakkali gunning 4 more goals for the Cyprus team. El Santo Sheiks is keeping pace with the leaders by beating EInsteinians 2-0 to claim 3 important points. The score didn’t evolve in the second half after a gap was made by Jose Wady among others. Spartak Zizou also had a convincing win against “hard-to-beat-Hangovers” and came back from a one goal deficit at half-time to overrun their opponents 6-2 at the final whistle. Alexandre Drouillet has laid on a feast scoring 5 goals for Spartak. Skywalkers were able to beat Atletico Belgique in a rematch between promoted teams 6-2 while the heavy lifting was already done in the first half and a 5-1 lead after 25 min. Gabriel Morin with 2 goals contributed to Skywalkers victory. Spider FC and RHEbelions weren’t able to break the deadlock during the entire game (0-0 at half-time). Each team fought back to finally split the points in a 3-3 draw where neither Hugo Filipe (Spider) nor Guillaume Robin (Lions) had their final say. Survival of the fattest in the last game of the day were able to claim victory over the Treehuggers 5-1, who are still trying to find their way into the season. By half-time the score was 3-0 for the survivors and a combined effort of all scoring players gave them the opportunity to grab important points   

In Division 2, The Running Dead were able to make the comeback of the day and winning 4-3 against B-United in a thrilling game. Everything seemed lost at half-time with a 3-0 deficit but Alina Rotariu with 2 goals and consorts turned the game around in the second half to claim the victory. Arena Bxl also turned their game around in the second half after trailing by one goal (3-4) against combative FC Fig Puckers at half-time. Whatever was said during the break was a salutary shock given the fact that they went to win the game 11-4 in the end. Aurélie Balsamo with 4 goals led the way for Arena Bxl. Finally, Zlote Ptaki and HueHue FC finished in a 3-3 draw in a very intense game where both teams could have claimed the victory at some point. Ursula Wenzel secured a crucial point for Zlote Ptaki with her 2 goals towards the end of the game. Orcs in Black managed to beat The Legislators 5-2 with a solid lead at half-time 3-1 and Javier Garcia Solares scoring a hat-trick. Los Chorizos Bionicos emerged victorious from their game against Los Patos Hermanos 6-3 and a 4-2 lead that was extended with the help of Malin Thor (2 goals) and consorts. Finally, Turx&Plux came out on top of a heated game against Serdica 6-5 after trailing behind 3-1 at half-time. Soner Dönmez with 2 goals was involved in the upturn.  

In Division 3, Soloni FC had an impressive performance against Hairy Canaries winning it 12-2 with a comfortable lead at half-time 6-2. Astrid Conem with 6 goals was unstoppable for Soloni. Expected Toulouse celebrated another victory after beating Brussels Sprouts 4-1 overall and the smallest possible margin 1-0 at half-time. The Hat-trick provided by Alex Aguirre Hellinx helped to secure the 3 points. Schaerbeek Bombers managed to beat the Benchwarmers in a very entertaining 8-6 overall victory that only seemed to take shape in the second half – Half-time lead 2-1 didn’t reflect that. Andrea DI Masi with a hat-trick contributed to the win of the Bombers. Futsal Croatia FC won their match-up against Sofobeast United 3-2 allowing Damir Huskic to celebrate his contribution with his croatien teammates. Finally, like in Division 1, Eurotrash and Sublime Porte couldn’t break the deadlock either in a 3-3 overall draw and a 1-1 still open game at half-time. Huy-minh Bui with 2 goals was on the scoresheet for Eurotrash.

In Division 4, The Eagles didn’t struggle too much to beat newcomers Les Ritals FC 5-2 while everything seemed to be decided at half-time with a 3-0 lead. Giovanni Platone with 2 goals was part of the Eagles winning side. La Famiglia is definitely on a better track than a couple of weeks ago winning another important game against Binboga 3-2 overall while running after the score in the first-half (1-2). Grega Grobovsek allowed La Famiglia with his 2 goasl to upturn the outcome of the game and to claim the 3 points. We attended another high score game which saw PSG Belgique beat FC Samnites United 10-5 with 4 goals of Maria Mikhaylenko while the score at half-time was in favour of FC Samnites 2-3. La Vie est Belge are firmly installed in the top trio of the division after beating EagleBrussels 4-2 with the help of Suzana Magano’s 2 goals. Finally, we had a Forfeit of RMP FC against Cinquantenaire United. Easy wins are always good to take, aren’t they?    

Have a nice week!

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