Hebe League Board

Hebe League Board

The Hebe League Board is composed of:

- Jean-Paul Judson, in charge of the overall coordination, development, communication and management of the League

- David Garlot, in charge of the accounts and calendar

- Florian Katzgraber, in charge of statistics and reporting

- Guillaume Bischof, in charge of sanctions, suspensions and coordination with the referees

- Bruna Campos, in charge of cups & trophies

Hebe League Sanctions Committee

Hebe League Sanctions Committee

The Hebe League Sanctions Committee is composed of HEBE League Board Members, and maximum one elected representative from each division: Jean-Paul Judson (President, elected for Div. 1), David Garlot (Vice-President), Bruna Campos (elected for Div. 4), Florian Katzgraber (elected for Div. 2) and Guillaume Bischof (elected for Div. 3).

Captains of the HEBE League

Captains of the HEBE League

If you are interested in joining a team or wish to communicate with all of the Captains of the HEBE League.

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